Band Biographies


Groove Hammer is an Oakville, Ontario, based band composed of nine musicians and a technical director. Our band members are from Brampton, Caledonia, Kitchener, Oakville, Milton, and Mississauga. Groove Hammer has been entertaining audiences for seven years and has performed hundreds of shows. Band members have been part of Juno award winning bands, have performed for thousands, and have played on albums, and in television and motion picture soundtracks. Live music is our passion!


Tenor & Alto Saxophone and Vocals


Sharon loves the idea of being the only Hammerette and has plenty of playing experience, having performed in hundreds of venues across Southern Ontario for nearly 30 years with various bands, including The Haircuts  The Descendants, Cottonmouth, Steve Spring's Uptown Express, Marshall Dane, The Meteors, Robbie Lane, and Chuck Jackson.


Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, and Percussion.


Dave’s the madman behind Groove Hammer. He’s been playing guitar since he was 12 when his parents gave him his first guitar that snowy Manitoba Christmas. Dave is Groove Hammer's Jack of All Trades, handling booking, website and promotional material design, and other minutae.

He owns a bunch of guitars, and one day he's going to learn to play them.


Bass Guitar & Vocals


Doug is a multi-instrumentalist with many years of experience in a wide variety of bands including the classic rock band Freezone. Doug brings his funkified basslines to Groove Hammer and not only holds down the groove, he knocks it out!



Trombone and Vocals


Ian's big, deep sound helps put the hammer in Groove Hammer. Based in Kitchener, he has toured Canada with the entertainment group, Project People, and performs with numerous rock bands and a choir in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, while adding his talents occasionally to an Oktoberfest band. 


Lead Guitar


Paul has been playing lead guitar in numerous bands throughout Southern Ontario since his teens, having traveled on several legendary Canada-by-broken-down-van tours that seem to be a right of passage for so many musicians. Paul's skill on the guitar is something to see and hear.


Keyboards, Guitars, and Vocals


"Slam" is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays guitar and bass and has played in numerous bands over the past 20 years, most notably 1994 Juno nominated reggae band Leejahn. Stuart brings the classic piano and Hammond B3 type organ sounds, as well as his naturally laid back funky vibe to the band’s sonic palette


Technical Director


Rod is the George Martin of Groove Hammer, toiling tirelessly behind the scenes, making the band sound great, fixing technical problems the moment they occur, and all with his patented 100 watt smile!  Groove Hammer just wouldn't be the band that we are if not for Rod's work at the sound board. Thank you, Mr. Fader Monkey!!


Drums and Vocals


Kevin has played both drums and guitar in countless bands in the Greater Toronto Area and Golden Horseshoe regions for the past 30 years. His unparalleled knowledge of pop music is truly something to behold. One of the founding members of Groove Hammer, Kevin's drums are the foundation upon which Groove Hammer's sound is built.




Mike has been a regular performer in the GTA for many years playing lead trumpet for such notable ensembles as NOJO, Freeflight, the Jazz Mechanics, Paul Ashwell big band, and the Humber College Jazz Orchestra. Recording credits include the Absolute Faith Orchestra and Glass Tiger.


Swing Bassist


Randy is Groove Hammer's go to bassist when Doug is not available. He's become such a big part of Groove Hammer, HE HAS TO BE INCLUDED in the band bios. Randy, like Doug, is a SERIOUSLY versatile bass player, handling all musical forms with ease. To top it off, Randy is a BLAST to perform with! Groove Hammer is so fortunate that he's watching our six.


There is a group of unsung heroes that help keep Groove Hammer rolling both on and off stage. We would like to extend our thanks for their enthusiasm, professionalism, and hard work!  

Louise Langford - Roadie Extraordinaire!  Former GH members: Pat Diamanti, Dan Diver, Nick D'Amico, Len Black, and others. Guest Musicians: Carolyn Thompson, Terry Donnelly, Steve Kocsis, the late Mike Sarto, Dave Girdlestone, Jon Finklestein, John "Johnny 5" Nichol, "Mimico" Bill Chornomaz, Dennis P., and Ken Bauer.

Finally, a HUGE debt of thanks to our families and friends who support us  and put up with us! We love you all.